It’s Not in The Book

But one of the most important reasons I originally learned Logosynthesis is that I immediately understood what a huge difference it could make in treating trauma. Most of my career has involved working with survivors of trauma.

Some of them had no idea that childhood experiences had any impact on their adult lives. I remember one man saying, “I had a pretty ordinary childhood. My father only broke my arm once.” I think he was in therapy because his wife said divorce was the alternative. She wasn’t willing to keep tolerating his angry, rigid behavior.

Like many abuse survivors, he didn’t remember, and didn’t want to remember the pain he had suffered, but the only way we knew how to heal the pain then was to help him re-experience it in a safe place. Logosynthesis offers an alternative, much gentler way to heal! It is no longer necessary to re-experience that pain to release it.

Now we can help release the energy that protects you from the pain by guiding you through the sentences of the basic Logosynthesis method I explain in “Letting It Go.” While this book is about using the method yourself for ordinary stress, I strongly recommend you seek professional help before addressing any significant trauma.

Use this book to practice and learn to trust what happens. Then, if you are ready to go deeper, go to the listing of professionals at the website listed and find the help you need.

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