I have recently had conversations with two different, highly skilled, professional women about how their former husbands had cheated them and left them in dire financial straits.
Each woman was, quite naturally, frightened about the future and both were feeling frustrated and exhausted.

One was jumping from distraction to distraction and getting very little done. She told me details of all the ways she had done the right thing in her life but had been so unfairly treated. Her energy was frozen in “this belief that life should be fair” and I helped her release the frozen energy using the Logosynthesis sentences and she immediately felt more focused.
The other was blaming herself for blindly accepting her husband’s deceptions over the years. She was focused and intent on solving her problem, but in the current time of pandemic, nothing was working. Her energy was frozen in “this belief that I should have known what was happening.”  Using that trigger as she said the sentences let her relax and slow down and rest.

In times of uncertainty, it often feels like the safest thing to do is to stick to what you “know” is true. Unfortunately, this may be an old belief that has very little to do with your current situation. Try releasing it and see what happens.

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