Imagine sitting in a cramped airplane seat, working on your laptop which hasn’t been backed up for a while, turning to your companion, and suddenly seeing tea pouring onto your keyboard.

Yes, it happened to me. Panic! It was over in a split second. We were holding the laptop upside down with tea dripping out and I went into shock!

All I could think of was the things I had promised to send people in the next few days and the manuscript waiting For me add the finishing touches and the backup to a new system that had been interrupted by our cruise with our Internet marketing friends. I just sat and stared while Jonathan tried to restart the computer. It was dead!

Logosynthesis the rescue — not of the computer — of me! Jonathan led me through the sentences that let me recover my energy from our disaster. Surprisingly, the target sentence that had the most impact involved the belief that I had made a mistake. Accidents happen, but I have spent most of my life putting energy into avoiding them. Something definitely shifted and I was able to be involved in other things during the rest of our 14-hour trip home.

We were lucky. Hours later the computer had dried out enough to restart. The only noticeable damage is that the U key on my keyboard stopped working. A new keyboard is on order and I’m using Word recognition software in the meantime. I had no idea how many words contain the letter U.

The seminars during the "at sea" days focused on different ways to invite people to view our various websites. One of those strategies is to answer questions posted at Yahoo questions. I’ve created two answers so far and will be doing lots of others. I’ll be posting them on this blog. Watch for them.

Meanwhile I’m grateful to be home again after our exciting travels during the last couple of months. I am happy that I can offer you another chance to take advantage of one of our special 30 minute telephone or Skype sessions to help you find a new way to manage difficult holiday encounters that are causing you unnecessary stress.

 Yes, we do use Logosynthesis — and yes, it really does work. You can see what our students have said at . 

We expect to celebrate quiet, peaceful holidays at home this year so we have time to help December 19-23 and 26 to 30. Just email Jonathan at or me at .

Meanwhile Jonathan and I both wish you a joyful, blessed, and relaxed holiday season.

Remember to schedule your own energy recovery Logosynthesis session. Each 30 minute session is available for only $75. We can accept payment with Visa,  MC or PayPal.  All you need to do is email Jonathan at or me at to schedule an appointment. Let us know a few times that work for you.