A major insanity I encounter daily is the belief that we come into the world fully equipped to manage any situation we encounter. I frequently hear people say things like “What’s wrong with me?” “I should have known!” “That was stupid!”. I know that many others tell themselves these self-depreciating things, without ever saying them aloud.
These folks believe that others who seem to be so poised and skillful “have it all together,” never feel awkward, and never have doubts about themselves. They then put on a smooth and poised facade themselves, while inwardly worrying that their inadequacies will be discovered. They, too, look as if they “have it all together.”

As a result, many of us wander around wearing masks of competency, and are embarrassed to ask for help and support to learn to do new things and manage difficult challenges. Yet highly skilled and highly visible professionals such as actors, dancers, and athletes, wouldn’t even consider doing their jobs without a coach to assist them in developing their talents.
Staying sane means telling the truth about what we need to learn and getting help when we need it!
Who coaches you? A friend? A boss? A therapist? I once asked a neighbor to come over and help me make a pie crust — I had never seen it done and couldn’t seem to follow the directions in the cookbook by myself.
I consider myself fortunate that I have had many coaches, both formal and informal, to help me create a successful life. Among them (when I really allow myself to think about it) were my parents, girl scout leaders, friends, extended family, spiritual director, neighbors, professional and business associates, a nutritionist, my wellness consultant, Yoga and Pilates teachers and numerous others.
Find the coaches you need and ask them for help. You’ll be delighted with the results.
Is this you? “I don’t need therapy, but I could use some advice about…”
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