As the chiropractor worked on my aching back, I decided to use focus on releasing whatever was the stimulus for those painfully tight muscles.
I really was not sure there was any reason besides the lack of my usual physical activity in the swimming pool that had been closed for two weeks.
However, I have discovered that often, when I say the Logosynthesis sentences with a general description of the trigger, a more specific description emerges. I focused on “whatever is causing these tight muscles.”
As I said the first sentence, I felt an overwhelming sense of grief and loss. As I continued through the sentences, I realized how much I missed the regular hugs I normally share with my grandchildren and many of my friends.
During this time of the necessary physical isolation to protect everyone from this virus, I have kept myself busy and productive. I have stayed in contact with important people electronically and focused on my blessings.
While doing that I have also apparently been freezing my energy about my painful feeling of loss.
I did another round of sentences with a new target, “this belief that the world should be different than it is.” By the time I finished, I still felt sad, but the overwhelming grief was gone.
My back is feeling better too.
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