It can be frightening to give up an old behavior pattern, even if keeping it causes problems. And suffering, seeing yourself as a victim is one of those patterns.
The first pattern I was invited to give up was anger. I was living in a new city with a new group of friends and studying Transactional Analysis. I habitually used anger to get what I wanted in the world.
I had learned to use it in a family and a culture that heard anger as a message that something was important. It was also a sign of strength. I was fearful that without it, I would be ignored.
I agreed to experiment by avoiding using angry words and body language for a week.
I was quite surprised when I discovered that asking for what I wanted instead of demanding it still got me what I wanted. And the people I asked seemed to treat me better afterwards.
I reported my results and agreed to make the change permanent. I still get angry sometimes, but instead of manipulating others, I use that energy to solve problems
You can easily release an old pattern using the Logosynthesis tools and you too can discover an even better way to operate in the world. And with Logosynthesis, the process is faster and easier.
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