Do you do things as well as they need to be done, or are you trying for perfection? Is anyone else as hard on you as you are on yourself? Maybe it’s time to examine why you are exhausting yourself trying to live up to impossibly high standards.

Most of the time those standards come from fantasies you create when you are exposed to media examples of others who seem to effortlessly manage their lives.  It doesn’t really matter if the media is television, movies, magazines or social media—it isn’t real.

Next time you feel stressed because you think you don’t measure up, think about when you figured out that you were supposed to be a certain way. It could even have been watching super-hero cartoons when you were a kid.

Then, try using the 3 Logosynthesis sentences to reclaim your energy from the fantasy that you can do “that”, whatever “that” is. Pay special attention to sentence 2 which helps you remove the outside, “non-me” energy from your entire system.

You are releasing the energy you have picked up from other people, places and things. This frees you to use your energy to figure out what you and your family really want and need. You will be amazed at how the stress you have learned to create for yourself simply evaporates.

Be sure to check out the simple instructions in “Letting It Go.” Grab a copy now, while you are thinking about it.

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