Tania wanted coaching because she felt exhausted most of the time and she was afraid she was about to lose her job because she was so distracted.

She was exhausted because she was committed to completing a community project while working full time and providing emotional support to her recently widowed mother. Her teenage son’s behavior was also worrying her, and she kept thinking about how to help him.

On the surface, it looked like a problem of how to organize her time, but that wasn’t it at all. When I asked about her dad’s death, she said she kept trying not to think about how hard it had been to help with his care.

Tania was using so much energy to keep from remembering those painful moments that she didn’t have enough left over to manage her life.

When I helped her remove her energy from those memories and reclaim it for herself, her exhaustion disappeared.

Do you ever find yourself trying to get away from painful or scary thoughts by keeping so busy you feel worn out? Do you compound the problem by criticizing yourself for not being able to focus on some other important task?

If that describes you, learning to use the Logosynthesis® process can help you reclaim your energy too.

Both books in the Rapid Relief with Logosynthesis® Series teach you how to use this process.

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