I have been trying to ride my elephant in your direction for several days and this is the first time I have convinced her to cooperate with me.

Let me explain. During the holidays I encountered Chip and Dan Heath’s marvelous book, "Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard." They use rider and elephant as metaphors for your logical and comfort seeking parts that often operate by trying to go in different directions.

In Transactional Analysis (TA) terms, my Parent and Adult ego states want to be productive and my Child ego state would rather curl up and read a good book. Visualizing my elephant is less precise but more fun. Especially since I have ridden two different living elephants in my adult life and have pictures to prove it.

I digress. This is supposed to be about the promise of a new year. I do hope that yours has started wonderfully well. Mine has. We spent the holidays with all of our children (2) and grandchildren (5) gathered in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

It’s been hard to recreate my home life after being away for 43 of 81 days.

Each of our 5 different trips was wonderful in its own way. However, a side effect seems to be that my elephant has forgotten how much she truly enjoys connecting with you this way.

"Switch" is well worth reading. It is filled with strategies for facilitating change – mostly in work situations – that include helping our elephants feel safe and comfortable enough to allow their riders to guide them in productive directions. 

Just incidentally, it makes it very obvious why elephants undermine New Year’s resolutions so effectively.

Our new tools for helping people make rather amazing changes seem to be connected to calming the elephant about things that make it uncomfortable and resistant to change. We continue to be amazed at how gentle and effective Logosynthesis is proving to be.

So far our own changes are holding firm. I managed air travel delays and discomforts without any particular stress and have come through the entire experience weighing the same as when I started – without even thinking about it. We have helped others resolve overwhelming stress, stage fright, traffic terrors, balance issues, seasickness, talking to authority figures, quieting critical internal voices, living with the stress of remodeling, feelings about historic parental neglect, cold symptoms (but not the cold itself), sleep disturbances, humiliation, etc.

It’s not that we couldn’t help with a lot of this before – we could. But it took a long time and a lot of energy. This is much quicker and easier.

Logosynthesis has become a regular part of our coaching, consulting and therapy practices. As you know we work with people if a variety of ways – in person, by phone and by Skype.

We are thinking about offering some coaching groups where we can demonstrate the process by working with individual issues. Witnesses seem to get great value just from observing the process. So if you would like some help yourself or know someone who would, please let us know. Just email laurieweiss@empowermentsystems.com or phone the office at (303)794-5379(US). We are excited about our new ability to help in this way.

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