Ok, I was about to write something very focused about the new book contract and the help I need but I just had my mind blown in two directions at once, so that will have to wait.

I just watched a squirrel dither! Right outside my second floor window two squirrels ran across a thick telephone cord and one made a perilous leap onto a small, unsteady branch of a big tree. The second stopped and starred!
It turned and went back up the wire. Stopped, starred at the branch, turned again, stopped, looked at its companion scampering in the big tree, focused on a still smaller branch, turned again. I called Jonathan from another room. He came in and we watched together as this performance was repeated several more times.
Finally it leaped. I can only imagine what if anything it was thinking. Maybe, “Oh what the hell!” or “Here goes nothing!” or “I think I can, I think I can!” It could and it did and grasped the smallest branch, gained confidence and ran upside down onto a strong branch and on to continue the fun and games – or romance – who knows – with its friend. Awesome!
Then I picked up my laptop and noticed a blinking Skype message from Dr. Willem Lammers, inventor/discoverer of Logosynthesis. Remember that’s the tool that is helping us help so many people relieve emotional distress so quickly.
Last week he created a video to help people who were feeling frightened by the Japanese disasters and other disturbing international events. I kept meaning to send out the link but just never got to it. But this brief movie to enable you to use the tool immediately is incredible.
Take a few minutes right now and view it here. You can just go through it quickly to see what it’s like and know you have it available any time you need it.


This is an incredible gift. Dr. Lammers even offers help on the Logosynthesis Facebook page. We can help too. Contact us at Empowerment Systems