Today I could not keep up with a fitness class I have been attending for 3 years. I felt very angry at the substitute teacher who had created a class focused almost entirely on my weakest muscle group.

I originally joined the class to strengthen my hips. I am doing well, and my last doctor’s visit gave me very positive feedback. But this teacher focused about 90% of the 60-minute class on hip movements. About halfway through I was so sore, I needed to stop doing the exercises.

The question for me is why was I so angry? After all, I did take care of myself by stopping and no one else in the class cares what I do or don’t do. I realized that I was angry about “all the times someone paid no attention to what I needed.”

As I was saying the 3 Logosynthesis sentences you’ll learn to use in this book, one of the scenes I remembered was being in the last few hikers to arrive at a group rest stop. As soon as we arrived the leader started up again, so we got no rest. The faster hikers rested. We didn’t! It wasn’t fair!

I finished the process and felt relaxed and peaceful.

This is just one of the small ways I use this process to reclaim my energy and equilibrium when I overreact to something. You can too. It’s fast and easy. Get your copy and start now!

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