You made up stories just like Emily's. It is almost impossible to release the effects of stories like this until you discover what they are.

Almost anything can trigger the memory. Distress can lead you to it, like it did Emily or you can stumble on it in different ways. I did when I tried to release another issue.

Like many of my readers, I strongly believe that because I am so blessed it is my responsibility to share my blessings by helping fix problems in the world.

As my energy diminishes with age, I simply can no longer help by doing some things I used to do. I used the sentences to let go of a nagging guilt and was surprised by this memory:

I was sobbing very quietly, under the covers because I had been told that one of my best friends was in the hospital with polio. I was about 8 and I knew my parents were worried and I didn't know what to do. The story I told myself was about being responsible for helping.

I needed help to learn to manage being sad and helpless. I didn't ask, didn't get it and froze my energy instead. 

I wasn't responsible then and I am not responsible now for fixing things that are beyond my control.

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