About 25 years ago Lew, a man with a seemingly overwhelming debt signed up for one of my intensive coaching programs. His debt came trying to save his failing business and the accompanying loss of his self-confidence.

We worked together very intensively, with weekly calls, big challenges and daily check-ins for about 6 weeks. When the program was complete, Lew had regained his confidence and refocused his energy.

Two years later, after intensive work, he had retired his debt and was now doing well.

Three months ago, another client, Max, had major problems in his small firm and had to give up his own salary to pay his employees. A key employee was resigning, and Max was wrestling with the financially sensible idea of closing the business entirely and serving his clients on his own.

But he was stopped from taking this rational step by the idea that he would be admitting that his business had failed, which meant (to him) that he was a failure.

We used the Logosynthesis process taught in this book to dissolve the belief that he would be a failure if he stopped trying to make the business succeed.

Yesterday he reported that he was almost out of debt, financially stable, and happy! Dissolving the limiting belief in a few minutes made the difference.

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