Are you catastrophizing more than usual? If you are, you’re not alone. A recent Huffington Post article noted that this is one of the top 12 anxiety reactions people are experiencing as they live through this pandemic.

Sadly though, worry doesn’t magically keep those bad things from happening. And when you spend time imagining the terrible things that might happen in the future, you lose the chance to respond to what is happening around you now.

I know that I am sad about my losses over the past few months. My world is not as I expected it to be or want it to be. I long for close contact with my family and friends and it just isn’t available right now. I suspect that is happening to you also.

The more you focus on what you’ve lost and might lose in the future, the worse you are likely to feel.


Imagining the worst keeps you isolated from connecting to both your own deepest Self and to others. And it takes a lot of your energy to try to manage your anxious feelings. And you may not know how to change.

I invite you to learn to use the Logosynthesis process to reclaim your energy from those scenarios. Then you’ll be able to enjoy what is still available now.

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