You probably don’t know the real source of the anxiety you feel. I was recently working with a woman who works as a virtual assistant to several different clients. She thought that she was anxious because she couldn’t keep up with her clients’ requests for help.

She described the big lump she felt in her stomach and how feeling it caused her to work even more slowly.

I asked if she remembered the first time she experienced this feeling and tears welled in her eyes. She remembered the time when she was juggling college, two jobs, and caring for her mother who was being treated for cancer. She first felt that physical feeling at a moment when she told herself, “I just can’t do this.”

She said the 3 basic Logosynthesis sentences you learn in this book, using “the moment when I told myself I Just can’t do this” as her focus.

A few minutes later she sat up straighter and said, “I did do it and it happened a long time ago. I can do this job and I can tell my clients no!”

You may be able to remember when your distress started also. If you do, it is a fast route to recovering your energy that you used to manage the old situation. If you don’t remember, then use your own physical symptoms as a focus and notice what happens.

Releasing your anxiety may be much easier than you imagine.

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