This is edited from a review.

“Our life energy gets stuck when something painful or overwhelming happens to us. We FREEZE to protect ourselves from this pain. There are SO many modalities that claim to help us release this stuck emotional energy… I would say that this is the simplest method by far.

I typed a cheat-sheet with the 4 sentences and made a list of triggers and use it daily. I can feel the energy moving in my body.
I also take notes and write down images that come up (out of nowhere) for me, so I can say the 4 sentences on those images too.

My example: My trigger (X) was: “this fear that has been with me since I can remember”
So I sat quietly with each sentence like she instructs. Suddenly an image popped up of me as a young child falling into my grandma’s fireplace. WOW! That was Not in my conscious mind. My subconscious mind actually brought up this image as a cause of my fear.

I then did the sentences on that image and anything else that came up in the quiet between the sentences.

I must say I felt lighter after the process. I do think it will take time going through my triggers, it is not an overnight cure.”

(This article is associated with an excerpt from Letting It Go: Relieve Anxiety and Toxic Stress in Just a Few Minutes Using Only Words (Rapid Relief with Logosynthesis®.) You can find a copy of this article to share as well as a link to the excerpt here.