While driving around appreciating the beautiful fall colors, my husband and I stopped at the trailhead of one of our favorite hiking spots. We have been blessed to live close to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains for over 50 years and have been to the top of this trail many times. It’s only a little over a mile on a steep uphill path.

This time I looked up the trail wishfully, knowing that it’s unlikely that we will ever again see the view from the top. Ageing has taken its toll of our bodies. Neither his back nor my hip is strong enough to make it very far up the trail. And no matter how faithfully we exercise, we won’t become appreciably stronger.

Once again, my world is the way it is—not the way I wish it was or the way I think it’s supposed to be.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have faced many disappointments when encountering a reality I simply don’t want to be real.

I prefer to not make myself miserable, so I focus on “this fantasy of how the world is supposed to be” while saying the 3 Logosynthesis sentences and move on.

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