My foggy mind finally cleared up again last Sunday night.  What a relief!  Even after a client said “I haven’t heard anything from you in awhile” last week, the jet lag just wouldn’t let go.
My wonderful time walking with Jonathan in the warm sunshine (2 days before the snow) in Waterton Canyon last Sunday made the difference.
As we walked I found myself thinking I had not seen any Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep there for quite some time.  I dismissed the thought and
enjoyed the subtle fall colors. We found a picnic spot near the river.
Suddenly, six of those beautiful creatures passed within eight feet of us on their way to the river. A disgruntled fisherman tried to shoo them
downstream but instead the doebighorn_sheeps and fawns splashed across the stream (scaring the fish, I guess) and then stopped to graze — completely unfazed by the people watching them from less than 20 feet away.
Delighted with our luck walking back down the canyon we spied a knot of fellow walkers staring across the river.  Someone whispered, “There are about 20 of them!”  Sure enough, the huge herd was just across the stream and scattered along the mountainside – this time accompanied by some really big rams.
As we watched, four of the does decided the grazing on our side of the shallow river was better and came splashing across, settling about
four feet away from us. We didn’t have a camera – but others were clicking like crazy.
We finally walked on, only to spot four other Rams silhouetted against the sky on the top of the canyon wall.  Awesome!  Thirty in one day!
What a blessing to add to the past few weeks of blessings.
Visiting our daughter’s family just outside of Paris was nearly perfect.  This time, we got to explore as well as visit and take care of the boys
while their parents enjoyed a much-needed weeklong vacation in London.
Three highlights:
* Walking the labyrinth at the Chartres Cathedral.
* Attending R’s 9th birthday party and watching the children literally zip through the trees on an amazing ropes course.
* Celebrating my 70th birthday with dinner at the Eiffel Tower!  Starting with champagne and ending with chocolate!  What could be better?
The pictures are here
I feel truly blessed!
Remember, you never know where your next blessing will come from!