Are you afraid to speak in public? Lots of people are. Some are uncomfortable and can manage their fear with deep breathing. Others, like Melissa, are terrified.

When we talked about how her body felt when she contemplated sharing her project with her team, she reported that her chest felt so tight she could hardly breathe. When I offered to lead her through the Logosynthesis sentences I show you how to use in Letting It Go, she gratefully accepted.

After repeating the first sentence focused on “this tightness in my chest,” she started to cry. I reminded her to just keep breathing and that energy was moving and after a few minutes she was ready to continue. We continued through the other two sentences, and I asked what she had experienced.

Melissa described how she had flashed back to a scene on a playground where she was carrying one of her favorite books. Another child had knocked the book out of her hands and ridiculed her for wanting to read. From that time on, she had hidden her brilliance from others.

We repeated the sentences focused on “this scene on the playground.” When we were done, she smiled and said, “Now it’s safe to show them who I am!” Her presentation went beautifully.

The process is easy to learn from this book, and if you would like to experience a video of me leading you through the sentences focused on speaking in public, you can. Just go to .

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