The Universe is making fun of me. I’ve been listening to a recording of Crazy Busy: Overstretched, Overbooked and about to Snap: Strategies for Coping in a World Gone ADD, by Edward Hallowell, MD. I have vowed to make some changes
— not New Year’s resolutions, but real changes, and so far this morning when I went to work

  • The parking lot was jammed and I had to park much further away than usual,
  • The locker sections right usually store my stuff were full, and I was put somewhere else altogether and
  • Someone new was standing in the place I usually stand for my aerobics class.

OK, it is the new year, and the “Y” is always crowded in January. I decided that the universe wanted me to remember that I intend to be more flexible this year. But then,

  • I got a note that the client I expect to see at 10 a.m. was sick and had canceled.
  • I got home and discovered my housekeeper, whom I expected on Wednesday had come on Monday. It was my mistake, not
  • The first thing she told me was that she had accidentally knocked over a bottle of pills. I had left it out to remind me to be sure and take the antibiotics on schedule. Six pills went down the drain. Fortunately two remained. (I’m healthy, it’s just a follow-up to some dental work.)

So I decided to adapt (to the Universe?), get the pills replaced and write to you about the real changes that are coming. Some very exciting things happened over the holidays.

While I was having a blast visiting my daughter’s family in Sugar Land, Texas and playing with my four grandsons, the most well-known self growth site on the Internet opened its social networking process. It’s sort of like FaceBook or MySpace for people in the helping professions.

Since I’m already listed as an expert, amazing things started happening. I started getting e-mails from other experts asking me to be part of their networks — offering friendship and collaboration. Of course I said yes, and I now have over 30 new professional friends, and an incredible number of new resources I’ll be able to share with you in 2008.

You can see my page at

Watch for a letter on February 5 that will tell you how to get a popular self-esteem book, and a ton of bonus material for very little money. And I’ll be contributing a bonus too ­ a downloadable hour-long recording about relationships.

I’m really excited about the things I’ll be able to share with you.

I’m also excited about the Crazy Busy book. Although I’m not crazy busy, I often feel overwhelmed by opportunities. Dr. Hallowell’s insights help me recognize that it’s the world, not just me. I also have new tools to help me choose among the many distractions. I face continually.

You’re probably distracted, too. I’ll write more about staying focused later. In the meantime, I highly recommend the book.
And do visit my new “experts page” at

Have a wonderful beginning of 2008.

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