“I was leading a group shark diving the first time I saw a whale.” The captain of the 18-passenger whale-watching boat explained how he came to be doing this unusual job. He was happy to receive our tips, but they were clearly not the reason he was “working.” His work and play are almost indistinguishable from each other. He clearly loves what he is doing.

Do you?

Prosperity isn’t always about money. Sometimes true prosperity is about much more than financial goals, although often, having enough money allows you to live a life you love now. When we asked the captain what he did between whale-watching seasons, he told us that he would probably lead more shark diving trips.

He is in the minority of people who truly love their work. Chances are that you have reasons, like raising kids or other responsibilities that keep you tied to work you don’t love right now. If you do, are you making plans for what may come next?

Knowing your own values and what you do love to do can help you choose to move in the direction of living a joyful and prosperous life.

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