Today I witnessed a very brave woman risk speaking a truth aloud that others had been thinking but afraid to express. She said that the system doesn’t work and needs to be changed, and that she could no longer continue her work within the old system.

Sometimes your prosperity is stymied because you keep trying to work within a system that made sense in another time or place.

Teachers whose salary structure used to allow them to rent nice homes close to the schools that employ them can no longer afford to live in those communities because rents have risen because property values are higher because, because, because…

The reasons are far too complicated for most of us to fully understand.

If you believe that you should be able to figure out how to make it work, you feel frustrated and depressed. It’s hard to recognize this situation when everyone around you seems to believe something different. It’s even harder to speak about it because you imagine terrible consequences for your audacity.

Sometimes your fears are warranted, sometimes not. The Logosynthesis basic process in this book offers you a way to reclaim your energy (and courage) from your imagined outcomes. Read the book and explore this further on my website,

The woman who spoke up today discovered that her fantasies of a negative outcome were completely wrong. Others in the meeting agreed with her observations, thanked her for speaking out, and looked for ways to address the problems.

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