“I wish that tonight you close your eyes for a moment to dream and imagine everything you want in your life. And then open them and enjoy the joy of sharing with those around you today with love.”

This beautiful sentiment from my colleague Alan Rojas in Peru reflects more than just prosperity and abundance.

When I dream of EVERYTHING I want, my dreams go far beyond material comfort for myself and my family and I imagine that yours do too.

On a big scale, I dream of a post-pandemic world where so many lives are no longer disrupted by illness and fear.

I dream that the senseless quest for power and the anger of the powerless and the destructiveness wrought by both sides in this struggle simply vanish.

And I dream of a world full of conscious people who care for our planet and each other.

Sadly, these big dreams are unlikely to be fulfilled in my lifetime.

And so, on a smaller scale I dream of continuing the blessings me and my loved ones already enjoy. We are blessed by material comforts of all varieties, but far more importantly, by the love and caring of each other and of so many others.

Close your eyes, imagine what you wish for, and appreciate and share your own blessings.

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