Is something you believe getting in the way of your prosperity?

In today’s complex world I often hear statements like…

  • I can’t understand it—it’s just too complicated.
  • My husband/wife takes care of that.
  • This isn’t important (without reading it.)

It’s true that some things aren’t important and some are really complicated. The problem is when the belief keeps you from even evaluating how to solve a problem.

The consequences may be you fail to install the upgrade on your device, have your identity stolen and need to spend time and money to correct the problem. Your spouse gets sick and you don’t know how to pay the important bills that are due. You throw away a check because you think it’s junk mail.

These are all things that people have experienced!

If you pay attention, you can learn to recognize times your belief keeps you from doing or learning important things. And you can use the three Logosynthesis sentences to neutralize it so you can take action when you need to.

Use the words that describe the belief to complete each sentence. “This belief that it’s too complicated for me to understand,” “this belief that I will never need to manage money,” and “this belief that I can ignore my mail” are all examples of frozen energy that interfere with prosperity.

When you read “Embrace Prosperity: Resolve Blocks to Experiencing Abundance,” you’ll find easy, detailed instructions for identifying and releasing these beliefs. Get you copy now!

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