I have lived with the availability of such an overwhelming abundance and variety of stuff that that I had nearly forgotten that sometimes scarcity is real.

I started to remember during the pandemic when toilet paper was nearly impossible to find in stores. Now when I shop at a grocery store, I don’t even expect to find everything on my list. I buy what is available today instead of what I think I want.

And what I buy costs so much more than I expect to pay!

I was almost 5 years old when World War II ended. I have vague memories of rationing and being taught that I could not have certain things because they simply were not available. And, as an adult, I remember living with very little money and needing to make decisions based on what I could afford.

Still, I have never been forced to go hungry or unsheltered. I have always been blessed to have enough, and rarely felt deprived.

Perhaps enjoying abundance in a time of scarcity means giving up expectations of how things “should be” and focusing on how they actually are.

Each chapter of Embrace Prosperity includes a section about Practicing Abundance. Those suggestions will help you manage this economic storm. Get started now. It will help.

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