Do you equate prosperity with money?

The book value of the car I drive is less than $3000! Yet, driving it is still a treat for me and it still looks and acts almost as wonderfully as it did when I bought it (used) in 2011. It was the car of my dreams then, and I still don’t even want to think about replacing it.

On the other hand, I am eagerly waiting for my new iPad to arrive in a couple of days.

I’d been struggling with trying to make the old one respond properly for months but nothing seemed to work. I mentioned this to a tech savvy young woman who simply asked, “How old is it?” I couldn’t answer. Then she said, “Those things are designed to last only about 3 years.”

I checked my records and discovered I had been using it for 6 years. The next morning, I researched reviews of the newest models and discovered that the one I really wanted was one of the most expensive models. A few more clicks turned up that model at an excellent price and I ordered it immediately.

To me, prosperity is about knowing what has value to me and being able to have it. What does it mean to you?

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