Lots of prosperity programs rely on affirmations, the process of positively stating the outcome you desire as if it had already been achieved, to help you achieve your goals.

I once heard guru Tony Robbins state that affirmation without action is hallucination.

My own experience is that one of the greatest benefits of using affirmations is to allow me to become aware of my barriers to achieving my goals. Sometimes I have discovered that I don’t even believe that it’s possible to achieve the goal.

When I was first offered the affirmation, “I deserve to be wealthy,” I learned how vehemently I resisted believing that statement. It didn’t make sense to me at all. I “knew” that earning a living took lots of energy and, besides, people like me “never” got wealthy.

My original instructions were to keep repeating that affirmation by saying it and writing it until I believed it. It took many months before I even began to question my old beliefs and ask myself things like, “well, why not?” For a long time, it seemed as if the affirmation wasn’t working at all.

Now, using a combination of the affirmation process and the Logosynthesis process described in EMBRACE PROSPERITY, the resistance can be resolved in just a few minutes. Learn how here.

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