If you wonder how to even imagine prosperity and abundance when so many things cost so much more than you paid even a few months ago, you have lots of company.

This is an uncomfortable situation for almost everyone in many places in the world. There is lots of advice about how to manage practical ways to stretch your available money in many places. Drive less, shop with a list, find inexpensive entertainment, etc. are all useful tips, but basically reinforce the idea of scarcity.

It can also be a time of adventure and new learning. Do you know what is most important to you now? Abundance is not necessarily measured in money; it can be in doing work you love, in having rich relationships with all kinds of people, or listening to music. What is it for you?

I just enjoyed a free community concert where families were picnicking, and children were racing around and dancing together. What a delightful evening—all for the cost of driving a few miles. True abundance for me.

I had young children, and not very much money during the period of stagflation 40 years ago. Looking back, I don’t remember any particular hardship or problems. This will pass too.

The activities in Embrace Prosperity: Resolve Blocks to Experiencing Abundance  will help you focus on what matters now.

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