My definition of abundance is changing. I once considered having lots of attractive clothes important, and I used to love to shop for more. But now, as a friend observed, my clothes are on vacation.

In this time of Covid, I rarely leave my home for anyplace besides a grocery store, exercise or a health maintenance appointment of some kind. I live in a very casual place where wearing jeans or shorts is normal for those activities.

I no longer have multiple opportunities to “play dress-up.” And so, I have needed to shift my energy to other things.

Once those opportunities were not available, I recognized that what mattered in those “dress-up” occasions was the richness of human connections I enjoyed. Now, I was threatened with a scarcity of people.

In this new way of living, nurturing those connections that I am still able to manage, mostly electronically, takes much more time and energy. When I do walk by a clothing store, I am not very interested in going in.

How has your life changed? Are there things that you used to value that are no longer important. If you are trying to sort out these changes, read Embrace Prosperity: Resolve Blocks to Experiencing Abundance and discover what prosperity means to you now.

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