I’ve been very curious about why people are not getting vaccinated. Aside from political beliefs, I have seen reports of all kinds of reasons, which often seem to be coverups for “I’m afraid…”

When you’re afraid of something, you may not want to admit it for many different reasons. You may not even be exactly sure what you’re afraid of.

You might feel a vague sense of unease—often as a feeling of tension or other discomfort in some part of your body. Instead of focusing on that tension it may be more comfortable to just try to think about something else.

You can come up with reasons for avoiding the thing (maybe getting vaccinated) that stimulates the uncomfortable feeling. You become “too busy” to learn more about it or you decide it really isn’t important in your life.

If you decide to explore your unease you will probably discover either a mind picture of something bad that has not happened yet, like feeling pain or panic when you get a shot or having a bad reaction afterwards, or a memory of something unpleasant that did happen once.

There are free tools (Reduce Worry Starting Now) for exploring this process and learning to use the ‘magic’ sentences I describe in Letting It Go at http://www.LaurieWeiss.com to help release that fear.

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