Shopping is work if I really need something. I would much rather experience the fun of finding a bargain when I’m wandering around “just looking.”

There is a good, historical explanation for this. I learned it from my mother. I almost literally grew up in department stores and was taught to be aware of which month which category of stuff goes on sale.

You see, my parents met at a graduate school of retailing during the depression. My mom earned her MBA in retailing when she was 22 years old. Before I was born, she was a buyer for a big department store. My dad became a department store manager when I was 9 years old.

I’ve saved lots of money this way. My mom approved, and I enjoyed having wonderful things even when I had a very little money.

But this shopping skill has a downside too. I’ve wasted money on stuff I couldn’t really use, just because it was a bargain. And, until recently, I had a really hard time buying some things at full price even when I could easily afford them.

Sometimes old habits just don’t make sense any longer. When they don’t, I use the Logosynthesis® sentences to release them and move on.

Use this book to help release your old, useless money habits too.

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