I reluctantly stepped on the scale last week and was unhappy but not really surprised. I suspected that I had been fooling myself by imitating my husband and eating sweet desserts with almost every lunch and dinner.

Of course, I rationalized that if I only ate a little bit, I wouldn’t gain weight. After all, he eats three times the sweets that I do and never gains weight. I was ignoring my practice of paying close attention to when I felt full enough to satisfy my body hunger.

The problem was that I was relieving unavoidable stress with food—again! I know better but I chose fantasies instead of reality.

Using the three magic sentences of the Logosynthesis basic process, I retrieved my energy from these fantasies:

  • The fantasy that I can eat whatever I want and not gain weight.
  • The fantasy that food will solve my problems.
  • The fantasy that I need a daily dose of dark chocolate.

I notice that now I’m paying more attention to eating only when I am physically hungry and stopping when I have had enough.

If you are struggling to lose weight, take some time to figure out your fantasies and use the sentences to retrieve the energy that holds them in place. Logosynthesis may not help you to lose weight, but it will help to make it easier to follow your own healthy eating plan.

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