A NerdWallet survey on financial infidelity reported that more than two in five Americans who have a significant other say that they’ve withheld or lied about financial information to a partner. They’re untruthful about outstanding debts, income, spending and credit scores.

If you or your partner find it hard to share this kind of information, it can cause major problems in your relationship. So WHY is this such a common problem?

The same article by Erin El Issa suggests that it is important to share information about how your family handled money as well as your financial goals before you get married. I think it’s important to share that information throughout your relationship.

But having these conversations is often a challenge too! It’s especially likely to be a problem if your head is filled with old beliefs about money that keep you stuck. When you take the time to think about what you automatically say to yourself and others about money you’ll begin to see why.

Your beliefs may come from things you heard regularly in your family and community when you were a child. They may also come from difficult experiences like living in poverty or being cheated.

Releasing these old beliefs is easier than you might imagine. “Embrace Prosperity: Resolve Blocks to Experiencing Abundance” shows you how. Then you can make use of the good advice that comes from so many sources like the NerdWallet article, and truly enjoy the abundance you crave. Start now!

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