I recently reconnected with a friend who has taught me many lessons about embracing prosperity over the past 35 years. This friend has never had an abundance of money. She has earned a PhD, survived a life-threatening illness, lost her home during the 2008 banking scandal and has been living in affordable senior housing for over a decade.

Yet she has traveled the world, learning with, and teaching important information to people who owned much more property than she did. As we reminisced, she described her excitement about the things she had studied while raising children alone by running an in-home daycare center to make ends meet. And she reminded me of how blessed we have been.

I grew up with material advantages but was taught that resources were limited. I was taught to believe in scarcity. My friend grew up with few financial resources but somehow learned to believe that there were abundant resources and all she needed to do was find ways to access them, and she did. She believed in abundance.

It took me many years to change my limiting belief from in scarcity to abundance and watching my friend certainly helped. It doesn’t need to take you nearly that long.

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