Unexpected Expenses

We had a miserable, smelly sewage backup in our basement last week. The plumber came and cleared the line and suggested we call the mitigation company to repair the damage.

When the company representative checked the problem, he showed us the that the walls were damaged and contaminated and parts of them needed to be replaced. Then he told us that home insurance usually covered that kind of damage.

After a quick Better Business Bureau check and a call to our insurance company we told him to go ahead. They cleaned the worst part of the mess removed wall segments and set up drying fans.

Now we are awaiting a call from the reconstruction crew. For us, what could have been a major disaster has become merely an inconvenience.

Still, we have a $1500 deductible to cover before the insurance company will pay for anything.

That is where prosperity comes in. We have a reserve so covering that extra expense won’t impact anything else we choose to do.

One definition of prosperity is to have a large enough reserve that unexpected expenses like car repairs, and medical bills can be easily managed.

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