I was instantly steaming mad!

I was prepared to join a Zoom call in about 5 minutes, as a guest on a podcast when I checked my email one last time and found a notice from my host about a time change. It had arrived about 10 minutes earlier, but I had stepped away from my computer for some final preparations.

The first time I read the notice I thought he was simply confirming the time, but the time was a over an hour later. I was confused, thought there was an error, reread the notice and discovered that it was a reschedule for 3 weeks and 1 hour later. That’s when I felt the wave of anger wash over me!

One of my old “hot buttons” is disrespect. After 12 years of using Logosynthesis, I seldom react so strongly, but this time I did. My thoughts were something like, “How dare he disrespect my professional time! If he needed to change the time, he should have done it hours ago! Etc.”

I didn’t even think about the gift of an hour to finish another project—for at least a minute. When I remembered, I still needed to calm the adrenaline rush. I used the 3 sentences, immediately relaxed, and went on to complete the other project.

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