I automatically try to control as much as I possibly can. It’s a habit. It makes me feel like I am in charge of things–whether I am or not. Do you do this too?
Right now, I am noticing more problems than usual about this.
I brought my computer out to my beautiful, quiet patio to enjoy being outside. However, the vine that shades my space is dropping flower petals on my computer keyboard and my head. The bees love the flower petals and are plentiful. Sometimes they get too close for comfort. One just landed on my keyboard.
I keep hearing sirens. (There is a fire station and a hospital emergency room close by.) And now the neighbor’s dog just started to bark.
All this reminds me that I am definitely not in charge.

It’s a good lesson. I can either fight what is happening or relax and keep focused on my intention, to complete this note for you.
When you use the tools I offer in this book, staying focused on your intention, instead of trying to make things work the way you think they should, will serve you best.
Sometimes I use the sentences with the trigger, ‘this belief that I am in control.” You might try it and notice what happens.
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