When do you give up with tech support?

My husband likes to remind me that if you dance with a bear, the bear leads. So…

After months of effort trying to complete what I thought would be an easy task, I am ready to stop trying to argue with Amazon and finally LET IT GO!

I’ve lost track of the number of phone calls and emails and different techs I have talked to who promised that the problem would be fixed. One or two even helped me understand what was happening. I finally got an email from a supervisor saying sorry, but it is against their policy to give me what I want.

You see, I published a REVISED and UPDATED EDITION of “Letting It Go” in January, but at first, Amazon would not show anyone it existed. Instead, they kept the 2016 print edition linked to the 2022 ebook edition.

When that finally got sorted out, I noticed that half of my 101 reviews had disappeared! Yikes! Someone finally explained that half were with the old edition and half with the new edition.

I decided that I’d done everything I could and used the magic sentences to free my energy.

Try doing it yourself next time you know it’s time for you to just let a problem go.

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