Do you wish life would go back to normal?

When we were kids, we got to play outside all day. Little kids walked to school with an older kid watching out for them. Now you can get into trouble if your children are not constantly supervised.

We used to get lots of ads with our daily newspapers. Now very few people even read daily newspapers and our ads follow us around online.

Is it wrong or is it just different? Sometimes it’s very hard to tell the difference. Our brains seem to be wired to recognize the way we experience something the FIRST time as right. Yet the world is changing faster now than it ever has before. That makes so much of what we experience every day just feel wrong!

I long for “the good old days” and I imagine that you do too. Yet, there is no way that those days, and the way we experienced them, is ever coming back.

A way to come to terms with this reality is to let go of the belief that things should be different. It may be easier said than done, but the three magic sentences in this book can help a lot. I find that retrieving my energy bound in “this belief that the world should be different” makes a big difference.

After all, it’s only our own belief about the world that keeps us angry and stuck instead of engaging with life the way it is right now.

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