Are you doing everything you can to make the holidays work the way you want them too and still worrying that something you can’t control is going to go wrong? Is that worry helping you or draining the joy out of your holiday?

What if you could simply forget to worry? I don’t mean try to drive that nagging thought out of your mind but have it resurface over and over again—I mean forget! Forget so that at the end of the day you notice that it has not even crossed your mind. How would that change your life?

That used to be a dream only extraordinary people could create, but no more. Lots of people are learning a new process that allows them to forget to worry by saying 3 simple sentences. It only takes a few minutes to do, and it works. And you can learn how at a cost of about 10 minutes of your time daily for only 7 days. (They don’t even need to be 7 days in a row, although that is the fastest way to learn.)

Just begin “Secrets of Reducing Unnecessary Worry: A 7-Day Challenge” at right now and you’ll be able to truly forget what used to keep you awake at night. It’s my gift to you.