How is your world supposed to be? Is it that way? Do you hear yourself or someone else saying things like, “There’s not supposed to be so much traffic!” Or “It should be easier to find a parking space or _______ shouldn’t cost this much!”

I confess, my favorite complaint is how websites keep changing their password requirements.

You probably know intellectually that we live in a world of constant change. Emotionally we want things we like to stay the same, and things we don’t like to change.

Usually, I can shrug off an irritating change and get on with my life, but sometimes it’s hard to let go of my unpleasant reactions. One theory I have heard recently is that all of us are more susceptible to these reactions because we have not released the trauma of living through the pandemic. It could be, but I still don’t like those reactions.

Logosynthesis helps. Saying the 3 sentences I teach you to use in Letting It Go with my focus on “this belief that the world should be different” or on the specific “this belief that they shouldn’t change password requirements,” immediately releases the reason for my reaction and I feel better.

Try it yourself. It may seem silly to focus on something so minor, but it’s a great way to practice using this powerful process, so when you experience some major reaction, you’ve developed the skill to manage it effectively.

Get your copy and discover how easy it is.

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