Should I or shouldn’t I take the time to do the physical therapy exercises prescribed to help me strengthen my back? Of course, I should, but…

I was overscheduled and only had a few minutes between appointments, and I was tired and hungry. I had not checked my messages in at least 4 hours and expected some information relevant to my next meeting. But I had made a commitment to do the exercises…

Once again, the urgent won out over the important—I skipped the exercises right then.

And I skipped them once more during the day. I did manage to fit most of them in before I finally got to bed.

I found the energy to do the exercises, even though I was tired because they are part of a bigger vision; to enjoy traveling again soon. If I can’t walk comfortably, I can’t enjoy many of the things I love doing.

Do you face similar dilemmas? How can you change the pattern of skipping something that has a long-term benefit because of a short-term commitment?

If you are having trouble doing what will help you fulfil your vision, The Timeline Experiment in Embrace Prosperity: Resolve Blocks to Experiencing Abundance is a wonderful tool to help you find the energy you need to create your dream.

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