I discovered I was spending several hundred dollars a month and not getting much value for my money. What about you. What do you pay for without even thinking about it?

  • Your favorite brand of potato chips?
  • A new book by a favorite author?
  • A daily latte?
  • Concert tickets?
  • Or maybe your subscriptions to entertainment channels?

Are these things you really value or just the result of something you once did and just kept on doing because it never occurred to you to stop?

If you are anything like me, you have probably done several of these things.  So many things compete for your attention it’s easy to “go on automatic.”

If you find yourself short of money or feel like you just can’t get ahead, these are places where your money may be leaking away, or not serving you as well as it could. When you are meeting your financial goals and can easily afford these things, it may still be worthwhile to review what you are doing.

I find that many things I just don’t want to spend my time and energy doing, like reviewing my spending habits, are valuable, and so I do them anyway. If you have trouble doing this, “Embrace Prosperity” will help you figure out both your values and the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.

Start now! You deserve to enjoy the abundance that becoming conscious and aware of your financial choices will bring you.

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