Do you live with a constant stream of judgmental thoughts that you know better than to say aloud? I certainly do. Anyone who grew up with grown-ups telling them what is right and wrong was taught prejudice, which means prejudgment.

It’s a way of teaching us to be safe in the world. We need to be able to judge what will make us acceptable to the people around us. The problem is there’s so many of those judgments are completely outdated.

I find myself judging people by the clothes they wear, how tight they are, and the amount of skin they show. These are long outdated standards.  My worst judgments are saved for my family. I’ve learned to say only positive things about what my husband or my daughter or my grandchildren are wearing. But when I go out with them, I keep wanting to correct them—for their own good, of course. That’s where I find Logosynthesis, the process I teach in this book, very helpful.

I’ve learned to take my energy back from the critical voices in my mind and use the three sentences to quiet the chatter. That’s one of the everyday uses of the process that can have a major impact on my own comfort. If you experience similar annoying chatter, I urge you to experiment with the sentences and see what happens. Get your copy of the revised edition of “Letting It Go” right away.

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