I was scammed!

I knew I was taking a risk, but I thought I had checked out the available information and decided to go ahead anyhow.

I read a story on Facebook about a couple deciding to go out of business and placed an order for 4 beautiful, very reasonably priced t-shirts. When they arrived, 3 of them were not as advertised. I tried to return them.

They explained how hard and expensive it would be to send the shirts back to China and would not tell me how to do it. China??? After 6 sets of emails where I was first offered 10% of the amount I paid, I was ready to go to my credit card company.

But first, I decided to leave a warning about that company online. While doing so, I made a discovery that once would have devastated me emotionally. I made a mistake when I researched the company the first time. I misspelled their name when I entered it into the search engine. I read Continuety as Continuity. There were lots of warnings online!

Instead of berating myself for my mistake, this time I was amused. Dyslexia strikes again. I used the Logosynthesis process to take my energy out of the entire situation, accepted another “final offer” to refund 25% of the cost of the misrepresented items and relaxed.

Lesson: Check bargains carefully and read both books in my “Rapid Relief with Logosynthesis” series to avoid suffering about making a mistake.

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