Yesterday I saved 20% of my grocery bill by carefully reading the ads and downloading the coupons for items I use regularly. I felt as if I had accomplished something important.

Today I wondered why I was so pleased to have saved about $12.

Reading ads and clipping coupons is a habit, developed when I supported us while my new husband was in graduate school over 60 years ago. I was proud to be able to shop frugally and live well on so little money.

The truth is saving that amount of money really doesn’t make any difference in my life. I have abundant resources and can easily afford what I want. I wondered if I am making good use of my energy by spending it trying to save a few dollars.

Then I realized that in this world of one crazy news headline after another, and so many people enduring so much suffering, shopping carefully serves an entirely different purpose. It gives me a sense of control of one tiny piece of the external world.

My own lesson is to enjoy the shopping game for the satisfaction it provides. The money I save is simply a small bonus.

I use a different tool, the 3 Logosynthesis sentences, to stop worrying about things I can’t control in any way.

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