This week I learned an unwelcome lesson. I am no longer capable of doing many things I could once do easily. In short, my firm belief, that age is just a number, simply isn’t true.

Let me explain. I have been super busy, mostly doing things I love to do, for many weeks. Then a week ago I had a minor surgical procedure that left an uncomfortable bandage on my face for a week. Instead of bouncing back and getting on with my life, I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t remember where I had put things in the kitchen or on my computer, and I started getting appointments mixed up!

I panicked, thinking it really is time to retire completely and I don’t want to. Then I had coffee with a friend who listened and said, “You’re running on fumes.” I cried. She had nailed the problem. I simply had used up my energy reserves. I can’t meet my old expectations of how much I can do.

I used the three magic sentences I teach in “Letting It Go” using “this belief that I am superwoman” as my target. I felt better immediately.

No, I don’t need to retire completely. Yes, I am 84 years old, and it is time to stop trying to do all the things I have been aiming for. I need to reorder my priorities. One thing I will keep is the writing I enjoy so much.

Do you need to give up something too? Read the Book.

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