My husband and I started making required minimum withdrawals from our retirement accounts 14 years ago. (Yes, we are that old 😊) I was shocked when looked at where we stand now.

The records I saw started when we transferred our retirement funds into this system 20 years ago, although we started saving money for retirement when we were in our 30s.

We follow the advice of a conservative financial advisor and are mostly invested in a variety of mutual funds. He has constantly reminded us that markets go up and down and to hang in there during the bad times, such as the 2008 recession when the funds lost almost half their value.

The numbers I looked at showed that we had already withdrawn about 90% of the money we started with! But what is even more shocking is that our funds are currently worth nearly double the amount that we started with 20 years ago.

Logically, I understand what happened. Emotionally it feels like magic.

I share this because way too many people keep making excuses about why they can’t save for retirement. Their own blind spots about money keep them from doing what they know is important.

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