Is your autopilot set on scarcity or abundance?

It doesn’t really matter how much money your family of origin possessed.

Lots of people always felt that they had enough of everything they needed. Looking back, they say “We had very little money, but I never thought about being poor.” They embrace abundance.

Many people from well-off families are constantly worrying about not having enough. They only feel happy when they know they have purchased something at the lowest possible price. No matter how much they have, they never feel comfortable.

It depends a lot on what you heard and believed when you were a child. If you heard “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” or “We’re not made of money.” or similar statements regularly, you learned that there is never enough. That process set your autopilot on scarcity.

To embrace abundance in your life, you need to reset the autopilot. There are lots of books on various methods that take lots of time and energy to reshape those frozen old beliefs.

A simpler, much faster, and more effective way is to use the magic sentences used repeatedly in “Embrace Prosperity: Resolve Blocks to Experiencing Abundance.” Get a copy and start practicing reclaiming your energy from the old beliefs. You’ll be amazed at the change you experience.

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