Finding a new way to look at life challenges is the core to rapid anxiety relief.

Most conventional self-growth training says to look at the story of what happened that is creating or has created distress in your life. Then examine the story in detail and learn to relate to it in a new way. This can be painful and take a lot of time.

Logosynthesis is different. It is not about the story!!!

It is about where you have stored the frozen life energy when you could not manage the problem when you originally encountered it.

One way of looking at this is that you once did something to create a protective shield to take care of yourself. Now that shield is getting in your way.

Instead of looking at why you created the shield, you use the sentences to dismantle the shield.

The reason you created the shield in the first place may have been forgotten long ago. In any case, spending energy on why you built a shield or wall that you no longer need is not an especially good use of your current energy.

You use the sentences to let it go.

This paragraph is a comment I wrote about a passage on Page 83 of Letting It Go: Relieve Anxiety and Toxic Stress in Just a Few Minutes Using Only Words (Rapid Relief with Logosynthesis®.)

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